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My personal Favourite: “Angel with a Leadfoot” - Crystal white, I know most of our concerns with white nail lacquers is the fact that it discolors after a while! O.P.I. Is the solution, this application has lasted me for 2weeks with no discoloring, chips, cracks, reapplication or peels! Premium quality for a woman on a move! Only the best: #MustangMani cc @fordsouthafrica @o.p.i
Ford has collaborated with O.P.I create a limited-edition nail lacquer collection inspired by the popular 2015 Ford Mustang. Ford Mustang by OPI includes these four limited-edition shades:
Race Red: The hero color of the collection, Race Red pays tribute to one of Mustang’s signature colors.
50 Years of Style: Just like Mustang, celebrate all your milestones with this made-to-party golden pearl
Girls Love Ponies: A woman is multifaceted; this grown-up pink acts as a reminder of her femininity.
Angel with a Leadfoot: Drive up and say “halo” to this celestial white. 
Check out my next post to see my personal Favourite colour from the collection. #MustangMani cc @fordsouthafrica
Remember the Bob? Nstarz for life 😍😍 hair by @nstarzhair and @ttbsalon #TeamMoririWamampela #nofakestories
NEW HAIRRR😍😍😍 yes they did it AGAIN! My baby Tt worked her magic with this 30inch weave and CLOSURE from @nstarzhair colour and installation by @ttbsalon SUMMER HERE WE COME😍👯🔥🌞🌷💐🌸 you guys are perfection!
The Rocking the Daisies festival is back again in Cape Town and you know how tickets are already sold out but if you buy Brutal Fruit Mango Goji at the Cape Town Tiger Tiger (As this giveaway is open to Cape Town consumers only) and stand a chance to win VIP tickets to the festival. #BFDaisyDen #BrutalFruit

Ok so today I got my dates right🙈 @djzinhle finally launches her new monochrome @erabydjzinhle range! ▶️ Press play to see how awesome the collection looks. Video and photography by @mothusiandofentse

Today is the 15th of September. Finally we all await the launching of @djzinhle monochrome @erabydjzinhle collection! Press play ▶️ by @mothusiandofentse @mothusimomolote

Today I woke up feeling like a brand new person, I realized how blessed I am irrespective of all the mistakes I have made in my life. I reminded myself that I am God’s child and this heart of mine is a solider! ❤️❤️❤️ Good morning. 
Jumpsuit: @kapsuleonlineboutiquesa
Shoes: @primadust
Makeup: @makeupbyellenor
Hair: @ttbsalon
Photography: @mothusiandofentse @ofentserangaka
All of the lights on @djzinhle lastest monochrome edition range, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to receive this amazing collection and my obsession has started! EVERYTHING AND ABOVE! Launching in a few dayz! Get readddayyyy! Cc @erabydjzinhle photo by @mothusiandofentse 😉
Life shall show you flames!!  By: @mothusiandofentse @mothusimomolote @ofentserangaka
@mothusiandofentse and @mothusimomolote you guys are the best 😍😍😍 thanks to @ttbsalon @nstarzhair keeping the hair game on lock down and @makeupbyellenor for my fab face! How amazing is this outfit from @primadust ❤️❤️ y’all are the best! 👌
💆: @ttbsalon and @nstarzhair 

💄: @makeupbyellenor 

👠👖: @primadust 

📷: @mothusiandofentse @ofentserangaka @mothusimomolote