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Happy Birthday Chomi @ilovemelmo #fashiongirlsdoitbetter Wishing you many many blessings❤️❤️❤️
Pale Sunsets
Light-skinned chicks be like “#WeSwimming”
#NormCore Much?
Back from Durban with fierce-iology. Durban, you showed us flames🔥🔥🔥
Happy Girls!! #DbnDiaries
Painting Durban Red tonight!
Hey dbn! 😍
Anddddd off we gooo with lover @jerrimokgofe 👯👯 Who we partying with in dbn tonight?
Privileged enough to have worked with both of you guys @misssolarstar8 and @anathablackartist every time I see this picture I get goosebumps😍
MY LOVER 😍😍😍 @kefiboo #mrpvip @mrpricefashion
Kisses from @mikastefano and I, Kgali shares her rare smile and TWERK pose from (what’s his name again Mika??)… We can teach you a lot kids😂😂 @mrpricefashion #mrpvip event last week! #ShitFashionGirlsSay
Edgy Biker| The night of IKKS with @karaborafuza ❤️❤️ posted on @jerrimokgofe blog😘😘😘 TOTES LOVE!!